What should you do when changes need to happen for your already planned wedding?

Have you found yourself having to change your wedding details due to COVID-19? You’re not alone. I’ve been working with couples for the past few months about all of their details, such as postponements, new locations and time plans. What a rollercoaster of feelings. To help make things a little easier, I thought perhaps it would be beneficial to point you in the right direction when you ask, “what’s next!?” I hope this piece will help with the stress and help you with your new plans, whether it be date, location, times or all of the above.

Take a break

Once you decide to change your big day plans, take. a. break. Truthfully, it’s okay to just forget about the wedding for a few weeks. Take some time to regroup. The hard part is over. You’ve made your decision to change your wedding plans, and now it’s time to just enjoy time with your fiance until you need to start planning again.

Notify your loved ones

Remember, your family and friends care about you. Don’t be afraid. After-all, they’re probably waiting on the call — and anticipating a change. Friends and family who truly care about you will be there to support every decision you have to make.

Overthink it? Seriously, don’t.

More time doesn’t mean extra planning. You’ve already made so many decisions — and it’s OK to keep them! Many vendors are really getting good at juggling these new arrangements and may even have some ideas you’re not thinking of. Talk to the professionals and use this time to enjoy your engagement without the stress and enjoy each other’s company.

Tips to help…

Take a deep breath, have a snack, go out for a drink, and come back to wedding planning when you feel up to it. Here are some step-by-step instructions.

If you’re changing your wedding date, time and/or place, it’s important to let your guests know ASAP.

  • First call your family members, friends and wedding-party directly so they can update their calendars. Bumps in the road can and will probably still happen – there’s a chance some of your loved ones unfortunately won’t be able to attend, but that’s OK… love understands.
  • Inform the rest of your wedding guests about the changes via email. Time is of the essence, so the more notice you’re able to give your guests, the more likely they’ll be able to attend.
  • Be sure to update your wedding website (if you’ve created one) with the change(s).
  • Continue to add new details to your wedding website as details become available.
  • Last, mail new invitations or change the date/time/place cards that will serve as an official announcement about the update. If you have a wedding website, you do not need to send a new RSVP card; you can easily direct guests to your wedding website to RSVP. If no wedding website, perhaps a new RSVP card is in order. People are busy these days so this announcement may be very important to your guests.
  • Just remember, everything is going to work out and soon you will be spending the next years with your special someone.

Please let me know if you have any questions or need any help at all. I’d love to be able to be a part of your special day.

Much love,




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